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The Sirius Rocketry Saturn 5.

At Sirius Rocketry, WE LOVE SCALE, and it shows in our flagship model, the Sirius Rocketry 1:64 Saturn 5. 1:64.59 scale, to be exact, and perhaps one of the most accurate publicly available models of the Saturn ever created. An accurate flying model of most incredible piece of engineering ever built, the Apollo-Saturn vehicle, that took man on his journey to set foot on another world.

Created by David J. Miller, who has a love of Saturns and fond memories of the Apollo Moon landings, simply because no other large and accurate model of this vehicle was available. Painstakingly researched, and very accurate, the Sirius Rocketry Saturn 5 stands over 5-1/2 feet tall and is over six inches in diameter. The kit is recommended for experienced modelers, and contains numerous resin-cast and vacuformed parts, accurate corrugation body wraps, a detailed boost-protective cover on the Apollo capsule and many other accurate details never seen before on a Saturn 5 kit such as access hatches, hold-down slots, umbilical connection areas, a detailed LM shroud and so much more. The original issue of the kit was over three years in the making, and the new version has had many improvements and even more detail engineered into it for its latest incarnation. It is so detailed, many rocketeers choose to buy one to fly, and one to put on permanent display.


Life-size Chris Hoffman with 1:64 Saturn 5


Scale: 1:64.59

Diameter: 6.13"

Height (with display nozzles): 67.4"

Recommended motor: Aerotech RMS I-284

Skill Level: For the expert modeler

Click on the "Photos" button to see detail photos and see why this is "The Saturn 5 kit you have always wanted!"

Right: Kit creator David J. Miller loads up the Saturn for it's first demonstration flight in 1998.

(Photo by Norm Heyen)

Beautiful top-down photo by "Stones" of his Saturn Build.


Boris Katan modified a stock Saturn V to a cluster mount and did some other modifications to complete his Level 2 certification. Photos and information on his build is here.

Right: The Sirius Rocketry Saturn 5 prototype lifts off on a plume of flame from an Aerotech I-284 Motor. A beautiful flight and a flashback to boot!

(Photo by Norm Heyen)

(Thanks Norm!)


P/N S-0002


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Click the photos button below for detail photographs of the Saturn and some of it's parts!

View Detail Photos Here

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